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Layer: ESRI_Imagery_World_2D (ID: 23)

Parent Layer: BASE DATA

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Type: ArcGIS Map Service Layer

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Description: This service presents satellite imagery for the world and high-resolution aerial imagery for the United States. The service includes NASA Blue Marble: Next Generation 500m resolution imagery at small scales (above 1:1,000,000) and i-cubed 15m eSAT imagery at medium-to-large scales (down to 1:70,000) for the world. The service also includes i-cubed Nationwide Select 1m resolution imagery for the contiguous United States for display at large scales (below 1:70,000). I-cubed Nationwide Select is a seamless, color mosaic of various government imagery sources, including USGS imagery for metropolitan areas and the best available USDA NAIP imagery and enhanced versions of USGS DOQQ imagery for other areas. Lastly, the service also includes imagery assembled by ESRI from various sources through the ArcGIS Online Content Sharing Program. Sources for this imagery include USGS and other organizations.

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Copyright Text: Copyright:© 2013 ESRI, i-cubed, GeoEye

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Supported Interfaces:   REST